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Why it's SO Important to buy FARM-RAISED CHICKEN, even Though it's a Tad More Expensive. What's Your Life Worth?

(NaturalNews) After years of sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping no one would notice, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that's fatal in high doses. But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It's added to the chicken feed on purpose!

Even worse, the FDA says its own research shows that the arsenic added to the chicken feed ends up in the chicken meat where it is consumed by humans. So for the last sixty years, American consumers who eat conventional chicken have been swallowing arsenic, a known cancer-causing chemical. (

Until this new study, both the poultry industry and the FDA denied that arsenic fed to chickens ended up in their meat. The fairytale excuse story we've all been fed for sixty years is that "the arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces." There's no scientific basis for making such a claim... it's just what the poultry industry wanted everybody to believe.

But now the evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer of the chicken feed product known as Roxarsone has decided to pull the product off the shelves ( And what's the name of this manufacturer that has been putting arsenic in the chicken feed for all these years? Pfizer, of course -- the very same company that makes vaccines containing chemical adjuvants that are injected into children.

Technically, the company making the Roxarsone chicken feed is a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma LLC. Even though Alpharma now has agreed to pull this toxic feed chemical off the shelves in the United States, it says it won't necessarily remove it from feed products in other countries unless it is forced by regulators to do so. As reported by AP:

"Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health's Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division said the company also sells the ingredient in about a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is reaching out to regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide whether to sell it on an individual basis." (

Arsenic? Eat more!

But even as its arsenic-containing product is pulled off the shelves, the FDA continues its campaign of denial, claiming arsenic in chickens is at such a low level that it's still safe to eat. This is even as the FDA says arsenic is a carcinogen, meaning it increases the risk of cancer.

The National Chicken Council agrees with the FDA. In a statement issued in response to the news that Roxarsone would be pulled from feed store shelves, it stated, "Chicken is safe to eat" even while admitting arsenic was used in many flocks grown and sold as chicken meat in the United States.

What's astonishing about all this is that the FDA tells consumers it's safe to eat cancer-causing arsenic but it's dangerous to drink elderberry juice! The FDA recently conducted an armed raid in an elderberry juice manufacturer, accusing it of the "crime" of selling "unapproved drugs." ( Which drugs would those be? The elderberry juice, explains the FDA. You see, the elderberry juice magically becomes a "drug" if you tell people how it can help support good health.

The FDA has also gone after dozens of other companies for selling natural herbal products or nutritional products that enhance and support health. Plus, it's waging a war on raw milk which it says is dangerous. So now in America, we have a food and drug regulatory agency that says it's okay to eat arsenic, but dangerous to drink elderberry juice or raw milk.

Eat more poison, in other words, but don't consume any healing foods. That's the FDA, killing off Americans one meal at a time while protecting the profits of the very companies that are poisoning us with their deadly ingredients.

Oh, by the way, here's another sweet little disturbing fact you probably didn't know about hamburgers and conventional beef: Chicken litter containing arsenic is fed to cows in factory beef operations. So the arsenic that's pooped out by the chickens gets consumed and concentrated in the tissues of cows, which is then ground into hamburger to be consumed by the clueless masses who don't even know they're eating second-hand chicken sh*t. (

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Does Everyone Like Today's Government Spending?

Do you know CHINA is taking over America? They own us financially. They ship SO many products here for us to purchase, and America's rampant purchase of Chinese goods supports their economy and trashes ours. TIME TO TAKE ACTION! Read this cross post, and make a difference!

AUGUST 1st to Sept. 1st
> Well over 50 yrs ago I knew a lady who would not buy
> Christmas gifts if they
> were   made in China .  Her daughter will recognize her
> in the following.
> Did y'all see Diane Sawyer's special report?   They
> removed ALL items from a
> typical, middle class family's home that   were not made
> in the USA   .
> There was hardly anything left besides the kitchen sink. 
> Literally.  During
> the special they showed truckloads of items - USA made -
> being   brought in
> to replace everything and talked about how to find
> these   items and the
> difference in price etc..
> It was interesting that Diane said if every American  
> spent just $64   more
> than normal on USA made   items this year, it would create
> something like
> 200,000 new jobs !

> Are we Americans as dumb as we appear --- or --- is it that
> we   just do not
> think?    The Chinese, knowingly and intentionally,
> export inferior and  
> even toxic products and dangerous toys and goods to be sold
> in   American
> markets .  

>           70% of Americans,.. believe that the
>         trading privileges afforded to the Chinese
>           should  be suspended .
> Why do you need   the government   to suspend trading
> privileges?    You

> Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if
> it says   'Made
> in China   ' or ' PRC' ( and that now includes Hong Kong
> ), simply choose
> another   product, or none at all.  You will be amazed
> at how dependent  

> you are   on   Chinese   products , and you will be
> equally amazed at   what
> you can do without .
> Who needs plastic eggs to celebrate Easter?  If you must
> have eggs, use real
> ones and benefit some American farmer.  Easter is just an
> example. The point
> is   do not wait for the government to act . Just go
> ahead and assume
> control on your own.
> THINK ABOUT THIS: If 200 million Americans each refuse to
> buy   just $20  
> of Chinese goods, that's a billion dollar   trade
> imbalance   resolved   in
> our favor!!

> Most of the people who have been reading about this matter
> are planning on
> implementing this on Aug .   1st   and   continue it
>   until Sept. 1st .  
> That is only   one month of trading losses, but it will
> hit the Chinese for
> 1/12th of the   total, or 8%, of their American
> exports.  Then they might
> have to ask   themselves   if the benefits of their
> arrogance   and  
> lawlessness were worth it.
> Remember,   August 1st to Sept. 1st   !   START NOW.
> Send this to everybody you know.  Let's show them that we
> are Americans and
> NOBODY can take us for granted.
> If we can't live without cheap Chinese goods for one month
> out of our lives,
> Pass it on, America ...
> Well, come to think of it, instead of doing it for just 1
> month why not try
> to do it all the time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

White sugar isn't all THAT bad, is it?

I am cross posting this off a forum I frequent. It bears paying attention to! NOW I know why all those kids act that way!

Get rid of sugar!?! My family will kill me. What will we ever use for sweetener? That other stuffs too expensive!

There are plenty of options out there:
maple syrup
agave nectar
un-bleached sugars

Yes, yes they are all more expensive, but sometimes for the sake of your families health, you gotta make a sacrifice.

One thing you can do is start cutting sugar in your recipes in half. Bet no one will notice. Use 100% fruit juice instead. All the jams and fruit I can is done with fruit juice. Are you a city dweller with a maple tree in the back yard? Tap for syrup. Free sweetener!

For mental illness/depression Ive run across this. Some folks swear by it. The following are various excerpts from website's about the book Sugar Blues. This refers to refined sugar.
At the end there is a link to a lengthy article on nexus magazine that
has a lot of info in it.
In the book, Dufty makes the case that sugar is an addictive drug, that it is extremely harmful to the human body, and that the sugar industry conspires to keep Americans addicted to sugar.

The book's central argument is that a small dietary change, eliminating refined sugar, can make a huge difference in how good one is able to feel physically and mentally. Dufty even goes so far as to suggest that eliminating refined sugar from the diet of those institutionalized for mental illness could be an effective treatment for some.


Why kick sugar? Refined sugar is not a food, regardless of how much more "natural" it is than the packaged chemical substitutes. The process sugar cane is taken through to produce that white stuff we Americans are so addicted to is the same process that opium poppies are taken through to produce heroine. This is not a food; it is a drug.

Sugar picks you up and lets you down ("sugar blues"). It interferes with clear mental processing, natural energy, and normal body rhythms. It is unquestionably linked as a cause of diabetes (along with refined flour). It is addictive!

In the Dark Ages, troubled souls were rarely locked up for going off their rocker. Such confinement began in the Age of Enlightenment, after sugar made the transition from apothecary's prescription to candymaker's confection. "The great confinement of the
insane", as one historian calls it,10 began in the late 17th century, after sugar consumption in Britain had zoomed in 200 years from a pinch or two in a barrel of beer, here and there, to more than two million pounds per year. By that time, physicians in London had begun to observe and record terminal physical signs and symptoms of the "sugar blues".

Meanwhile, when sugar eaters did not manifest obvious terminal physical symptoms and the physicians were professionally bewildered, patients were no longer pronounced bewitched, but mad, insane, emotionally disturbed. Laziness, fatigue, debauchery, parental displeasure-any one problem was sufficient cause for people under twenty-five to be locked up in the first Parisian mental hospitals. All it took to be incarcerated was a complaint from
parents, relatives or the omnipotent parish priest. Wet nurses with their babies, pregnant youngsters, retarded or defective children, senior citizens, paralytics, epileptics, prostitutes or raving lunatics-anyone wanted off the streets and out of sight was put away. The mental hospital succeeded witch-hunting and heresy-hounding as a more enlightened and humane
method of social control. The physician and priest handled the dirty work of street sweeping in return for royal favours.

Initially, when the General Hospital was established in Paris by royal decree, one per cent of the city's population was locked up. From that time until the 20 century, as the consumption of sugar went up and up-especially in the cities-so did the number of people who were put away in the General Hospital. Three hundred years later, the "emotionally disturbed" can be turned into walking automatons, their brains controlled with psychoactive drugs.

Today, pioneers of orthomolecular psychiatry, such as Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Allan Cott, Dr A.Cherkin as well as Dr Linus Pauling, have confirmed that mental illness is a myth and that emotional disturbance can be merely the first symptom of the obvious inability of the human system to handle the stress of sugar dependency.

In Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Dr Pauling writes: "The functioning of the brain and nervous tissue is more sensitively dependent on the rate of chemical reactions than the functioning of other organs and tissues. I believe that mental disease is for the most part caused by abnormal reaction rates, as determined by genetic constitution and diet, and by abnormal
molecular concentrations of essential substances... Selection of food (and drugs) in a world that is undergoing rapid scientific and technological change may often be far from the best."11 (12 of 16)1/4/2006 6:09:02 PM

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Look What's in your Food

With the increasing cost of foodstuffs, random recalls of so many products, and all the bad news about what's coming out of China, people are becoming more and more concerned with what's in their food.

For someone just learning about eating natural, a trip to the grocery can be overwhelming.  Flip over any given canned good, or processed product and read the label. Ouch! What is all that stuff?

Food is expensive, and prices aren't getting any better. What's the harm in that 2 for $3.00 chip special, or those canned soups on sale for 79 cents each? Only your life! It's totally worth your health to buy whole foods and make dinner from scratch. Done carefully,  your grocery bill can still stay with in the range of your budget. Sure eating more natural takes a little more time, but isn't the health of your family and the good example that will be set for your children surely be worth it?

Following is an article I copied from Natural News. It lists some common ingredients found on food labels and what they are all about. Next trip to the store, see how many things you recognize on the labels of the things you buy.

I taught my daughter, years ago when we 'went natural' about a lot of these things. I turned her loose in the cereal isle, and told her, find any cereal without these thing in it, and I will buy it for you. The first trip took well over 3 hours. WOW! What an exersize in patience, she was only 6 or 7.

What's Really in Your Food?

(NaturalNews) Ever wonder what's really in the food sold at grocery stores around the world? People keep asking me, "What ingredients should I avoid?" So I put together a short list that covers all the most toxic and disease-promoting ingredients in the food supply. These are the substances causing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and leading to tens of billions of dollars in unnecessary health care costs across America (and around the world).

If you want to stay healthy and out of the hospital,read ingredients labelsand make sure you avoid all these ingredients:

Acrylamides- Toxic, cancer-causing chemicals formed in foods whencarbohydratesare exposed to high heat (baking, frying, grilling). They're present in everything from bread crusts to snack chips, and because they aren't intentional ingredients, acrylamides do NOT have to be listed on labels.

Aspartame- Chemical sweetener that causes neurological disorders, seizures, blurred vision and migraine headaches. (

Autolyzed Proteins- Highly processed form of protein containingfree glutamateand used to mimic the taste-enhancer chemical MSG.

BPA (Bisphenol-A)- A hormone mimicking chemical found in nearly all food packaging plastics. Active in justparts per billion, BPA promotes cancer, infertility and hormone disorders. It also "feminizes" males, promoting male breast growth and hormone disruption (

Casein- Milk proteins. Hilariously, this is widely used in "soy cheese" products that claim to be alternatives to cow's milk. Nearly all of them are made with cow's milk proteins.

Corn Syrup- Just another name for High Fructose Corn Syrup (see below). Frequently used ininfant formulaproducts (

Food Colors- FD&C Red #40, for example, is linked to behavioral disorders in children. Nearly all artificial food colors are derived frompetroleum, and many are contaminated withaluminum.

Genetically Modified Ingredients- Not currently listed on the label because the GMO industry (Monsanto and DuPont) absolutely does not want people to know which foods contain GMOs. Nearly all conventionally grown corn, soy and cotton are GMOs. They're linked to severe infertility problems and may even cause the bacteria in your body to produce and release apesticidein your own gut. If you're not eating organic corn, you're definitely eating GMO corn. ( Learn more atwww.ResponsibleTechnology.orgor watch myGMO music video(hilarious)

High Fructose Corn Syrup- A highly processed liquid sugar extracted with the chemical solventglutaraldehydeand frequently contaminated with mercury ( It's also linked to diabetes, obesity and mood disorders. Used in thousands of grocery items, including things you wouldn't suspect like pizza sauce and salad dressings.

Homogenized Milk- The fats in the milk are artificially modified to change them into smaller molecules that stayin suspensionin the milk liquid (so the milk fat doesn't separate) ( While it makes milk look better on the shelf, it's also blamed for promoting heart disease and may contribute to milk allergies.Raw milkis healthier, which is why the government had outlawed it (

Hydrochloride- When you seeanythinghydrochloride, such as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride or Thiamin Hydrochloride, those arechemical forms of B vitaminsthat companies add to their products to be able to claim higher RDA values of vitamins. But these are synthetic, chemical forms of vitamins, not real vitamins from foods or plants. Nutritionally, they are near-useless and may actually be bad for you. Also watch out forniacinamideandcyanocobalamin(synthetic vitamin B-12). (

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein- A highly processed form of (usually) soy protein that's processed to bring out the free glutamate (MSG). Use as a taste enhancer.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils- Oils that are modified using a chemical catalyst to make them stable at room temperature. This createstrans fatty acidsand greatly increases the risk of blocked arteries ( It also promotes what I call "sludge blood," which is thick, viscous blood that's hard to pump. This is usually diagnosed by doctors as "high blood pressure" and (stupidly) treated with blood-thinning medications that are technically the same chemicals asrat poison(warfarin) (

Phosphoric Acid- The acid used in sodas to dissolve the carbon dioxide and add to the overall fizzy-ness of the soda. Phosphoric acid will eat steel nails. It's also used by stone masons to etch rocks. The military uses it to clean the rust off battleships. In absolutely destroys tooth enamel ( Search Google Images for "Mountain Dew Mouth" to see photos of teeth rotted out by phosphoric acid:

Propylene Glycol- A liquid used in the automotive industry to winterize RVs. It's also used to make thefake blueberriesyou see in blueberry muffins, bagels and breads. (Combined with artificial colors and corn syrup.) See shocking "Fake Blueberries" video at:

Sodium (Salt)- The processed white salt lacking in trace minerals. In the holistic nutrition industry, we call it "death salt" because it promotes disease and death. Real salt, on the other hand, such as "dirty" sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, is loaded with the trace minerals that prevent disease, such as selenium (cancer), chromium (diabetes) and zinc (infectious disease). Much like with bread and sugar,white saltis terrible for your health. And don't be fooled by claims of "sea salt" in grocery stores. All salt came from the sea if you go far back enough in geologic time, so they can slap the "sea salt" claim on ANY salt!

Sodium Nitrite- A cancer-causing red coloring chemical added to bacon, hot dogs, sausage, beef jerky, ham, lunch meats, pepperoni and nearly all processed meats. Strongly linked to brain tumors, pancreatic cancers and colon cancers ( The USDA once tried to ban it from the food supply but was out-maneuvered by the meat industry, which now dominates USDA regulations. Sodium nitrite is a complete poison used to make meats look fresh. Countless children die of cancer each year from sodium nitrite-induced cancers.

Soy Protein- The No. 1 protein source used in "protein bars," including many bars widely consumed by bodybuilders. Soy protein is the "junk protein" of the food industry. It's made from genetically modified soybeans (often grown in China) and then subjected tohexane, a chemical solvent ( that can literally explode.

Sucralose- An artificial chemical sweetener sold asSplenda. The sucralose molecule contains achlorineatom ( Researchers have repeatedly found that artificial sweetenersmake people fatby actually promoting weight gain (

Sugar- The bleached, nutritionally-deficient byproduct of cane processing. During sugar cane processing, nearly all the minerals and vitamins end up in theblackstrap molassesthat's usually fed to farm animals. (Blackstrap molasses is actually the "good" part of sugar cane juice.) Molasses is often fed to farm animals because every rancher knows that farm animals need good nutrition to stay alive. Amazingly, conventional doctors don't yet realize this about humans, and they continue to claim that eating sugar is perfectly fine for you. Sugar promotes diabetes, obesity, mood disorders and nutritional deficiencies.

Textured Vegetable Protein- Usually made ofsoy proteinwhich is extracted from genetically modified soybeans and then processed usinghexane, an explosive chemical solvent (see Soy Protein, above). Widely used in vegetarian foods such as "veggie burgers" (most of which also contain MSG or Yeast Extract, by the way).

Yeast Extract- Hidden form of MSG that containsfree glutamateand is used in many "natural" food products to claim "No MSG!" Yeast extract contains up to 14% free glutamate. You'll find it in thousands of grocery store products, from soups to snack chips. I even once spotted it used on fresh meat!

Food label tricks Here's a trick food companies frequently used to pack more sugar into their products without making sugar look like the first ingredient:

Ingredient labels, you see, must list the most prominent ingredients first, and some consumers might freak out of they saw a box of cereal that said, "Sugar, whole grain wheat, corn" and so on. Instead, the company uses 3 or 4 different forms of sugar to distribute them farther down the label, like this:

"Whole grain wheat, sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids..."

This way, the first ingredients looks like "whole grain wheat" when, in reality, the cereal might beover fifty percent sugars!

How to buy honest food• Shop are your local farmer's market, food co-op or CSA.

• In the USA, look for the USDA Organic label on foods. This is a legitimate claim to being certified organic. It's one of the few programs run by the USDA that actually has integrity.

• Read the ingredients labels! If you see names of chemicals you can't pronounce, don't buy it.

• Buy more unprocessed food ingredients and make your own meals rather than buying ready-to-eat, processed foods, which are almost universally formulated with disease-promoting ingredients.

GROW some of your own food! The best food you can ever eat is food from your own garden.

Learn more:

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CDL for Tractor Operation?!? WHAT!!

The following article clearly exhibits one more reason why the government should keep their nose out of small farm business. Do they not realize how many children drive the small old school tractors? My child can, yes she can, and I know many other children that do. When you are running a small farm, the ability for everyone to help is essential. What will it be next, a license to catch hay out of the back the the machine the tractor is hauling?

Do they not realize how many wives drives these things? I can totally understand their concern for those big million dollar monsters that pull the huge harvest equipment, but the 'population' of those is but a fraction compared to the small family tractor. We have one about twice the size of a go-cart. 

Will go carts be next?

New rules could mean less help, higher costs for family farm

Posted: Jul 27, 2011 5:48 PM

by Mark Wiggins
WACO - For many in rural Central Texas, it's one of their most enduring memories of childhood:  Their first time behind the wheel of the family tractor.
The time-honored initiation into working the family farm could one day be a thing of the past, with discussions underway in Washington to require operators of farm equipment to have a commercial driver's license, or CDL.
Ned Meister's work in agriculture began similarly at the age of ten.  Meeting with News Channel 25 Wednesday at the Texas Farm Bureau, Meister explained the critical role of family on the farm.
"The vast majority of our farms are family farms, operators of equipment are usually family members, and if [those changes] were to take place, that would eliminate some of the family participation in the farm operation."
On his farm just outside the town of McGregor, Rodney Schmalriede grew up helping his father.  His son has grown up the same way, and with farmers facing tougher times than ever, Schmalriede is glad for the help.
"Right now I've got my young son, he's 11 years old -- can drive that tractor like a pro -- and my dad who will be 80 this year," explains Schmalriede, "And I've got to have their help."
Concerned with the amount of farm equipment making short hops between fields and down public roadways, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is considering whether or not to classify agricultural machines like tractors as "commercial vehicles," requiring a CDL to operate. 
The requirements would subject farmers to the same rules governing truck drivers, requiring them to keep logs and limit their hours.
Farmers also fear the prospect of replacing family help with expensive professional drivers, something that could end up costing everyone -- if it doesn't break the bank. 
"When you consider salaries and benefits and all the other things that go with hiring people that otherwise would have been doing by your family, well it's just a more expensive proposal," says Meister.
As public hearings on the issue are expected to continue, many like Schmalriede see it as more evidence of a meddling government interfering with the lives of rural America.
"I think they're idiots," says Schmalriede.  "All we see in the news all the time is some idiot decision that they've made again.  I think half the problem that this country's in right now is because of all the regulations they're trying to put on everything."
Many others shake their heads at what they see as a bureaucracy that seems out of touch.
"We have lost our understanding of rural life and agriculture," explains Meister.  "I'm not saying that anything's malicious at all, but they just don't understand."