Monday, January 10, 2011

The calves just keep on coming!

This calf was born on January 6th. Her mother was a first timer, so she had a bit of trouble. Sometimes, when first time heifers have a large calf, the head gets squeezed excessively, and the tongue and nasal passages become swollen. That is what has happened here. We are having to tube feed her, as right now she is unable to suckle. Her mother, a mixed breed named Dash, is unfortunately drying up, so we will have to bottle feed this one, until she gets to the point where she can eat hay and drink from a bucket. She is under the vets care. We are naming her Hope, because we are all hoping she pulls through.
This a 1/2 Holstein, 1/2 Charolais cow named Mickey Mouse. Yes, yes, that's a boy's name, I didn't pick it. My husband says it's because she has mouse ears on her cheeks. Her January 9th calf will be named Gracie, because by the grace of God,  that's 3 calves born in below freezing temperatures, and they are all still alive and well. Gracie is less then an hour old in this picture. We had to help her find her meal, but after she realized what came out of those things, she took over and we backed off.
Wonder Ape was born this morning, the 10th. Her mom is White-Faced Ape. We used to have a pure Highland cow named April. We called her Ape. She was a demon of a cow, so all of her descendants are christened ...Ape. White-Faced Ape is an experienced cow. She had her baby, and she was standing within 15 minutes, suckling within the half hour, and running around in circles like she was on fire. Needless to say, she is doing great!

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