Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On a farm, it's always something...

Wow is farm life busy, and we're in the slow season!  Our 5th calf was born a few days ago. He is a purebred Highland bull calf. His mother is Short Lion. She went calf crazy and tried to kill us both, so she is taking the 'long ride' on the 24th, as we don't tolerate aggressive cows here. His name is Cave Lion. I don't have a photo yet. We took him away from her and he is being bottle fed. I will get a photo soon.

An update on Hope. She is still kicking, and we are still tube feeding her. The swelling in her face has decreased, but she still will not suckle. We will continue to tube feed her, per vet orders. We are also trying to get her to start eating hay. Calves usually begin nibbling at a few days old. The sooner we can get her eating soft leaves, the better her chances for survival. At this point, her chances are good!

This is one of my tan does, Shotzie. In this pic, she is collecting hay to build her nest. She just had babies tonight.  It is going to be very cold, single digits I believe, so I will bring the box into the garage. I will return them to mom in the morning to be fed.

The other thing that happened is our smallest ever Highland heifer, Cinderella, went to her new home today. She was purchased by Buggy Whip Farm, a traveling petting zoo in west central Wisconsin. She is 7 months old in this picture taken this morning. She will live a long life of ease, and make many children happy. Wish her luck!

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