Sunday, January 2, 2011

Joy of the New Year

This little heifer calf, appropriately name Joy, was born the day after Christmas. She is a cross breed. Her mother, Angry Lion, is one of our purebred Scottish Highlands. It was cold and windy that day, and we had to intervene to get her going, but she took it like a champ and is doing great!


  1. No, Beefy is a solid black mixed breed. His father was a huge 1/2 Highland 1/2 mystery, and his mother was a 1/2 Holstein, 1/2 mystery. He was born here, and we decided to keep him as a replacement bull for his father, Goliath. Goliath was a huge monster of a bull, but at 4 years old, he started to get mean and was way too big for the smaller heifers.

    Papa (Beefy) actually looks like angus/holstein. And he has holstein style horns. Weird!