Monday, April 4, 2011

Why do I farm.

Why do I farm.
Because I like it.

This cold, wet spring morning, I notice many things.
I see the first blades of grass poking through the mud just after sunrise.
I hear the cry of baby goats as I bring a bucket of water to their pen. They sound suspiciously like human babies.
I smell the moisture in the air as the coming rain rolls over the lake.
I taste the hay chaff floating on the wind as it blows past my face.
I feel the calm yet excited attention I am given by prancing, dancing rabbits in their cages as I pass by with their feed.

Yes, this is Spring in Wisconsin.


  1. Live-Forevers can even live in Wisconsin! I love leaving the plants until spring. It helps tone down the bleakness of the winter landscape. And, as I found out last week, some of those carcasses keep little birds safe from the hawks!

  2. The Live-for-Evers here in Wisconsin are weird. The flowers are a very dark pink, where as the ones we had in Indiana were a light pink. I brought one start with me, so it will be interesting to see if its a variety or an adaptation for the harsher weather.