Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are you one of those People that Poison your Dandelions?

You are killing food. Dandelions are good for a surprising variety of things. For one, if you have dandelions, your soil is right for growing most vegetables.

They are extremely nutritious for any livestock that eats grass.

Though I have never done it, the roots can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute. The early greens fall in to the bitter greens category and can be eaten in salad, or steamed as a vegetable.

You can make wine and dye from the blossoms too!

I cut blossoms this year for egg fritters.

First, simply pick the flower off the stem.
So many flowers to choose from!

Wash the flowers, then stir in beaten egg, along with any seasonings you might want, such as garlic powder, or salt or onion powder.  Chopped fresh onions or peppers would be good also.

Roll them in flour, then fry.

Bad picture, sorry!
This was the first time I made them ever. The second time I did it, I made them in to an omelet form, added salt and pepper, and cheese. It was a total experiment the day I decided to do it. Surprisingly they were very good! We thought they would be gross, but they were not. Since then, I've picked more, rolled them in egg, and put them in plastic bags for freezing so we can have some later on in the year, or over winter when they are done growing. That too is an experiment.


  1. You can also make syrup with the flowers that is good on pancakes :)

    No dandelions here this year, but hopefully next year we won't be in a drought and wil have some..... If that happens, I'm game to try your fried recipe :-) Thanks for sharing!


  2. The ones I stored in the freezer seemed to have browned a little. I don't think it will matter for cooking, but the next group I am going to add a little lemon juice.