Thursday, May 19, 2011

I don't care for mowing the Lawn...Part 1

Our lawn usually gets out of control rather quickly. First, you have the spring flush of growth, then summer weeds, then august rains...ugh!

This year, I have a plan, and its already looking to be too late!
Every year, I run rabbit tractors.

These handy little devils run double duty. They give the bunnies destined for the pot a chance to live a semi-normal life before they meet their final day. They get to run and play and eat all the fresh greens they want in the sun or the shade.  For the most part, they are as happy as a confined animal can be. Plus, there is the added bonus of free feed.

Second, those fuzzy little buns eat that grass right to the dirt. It helps keep the grass mowed, and the lawn gets fertilized without chemicals.  The bad part, is I have to move the thing 3 times a day, and there is always the danger of them digging out, which they do from time to time it I let them run out of feed, or don't take the time to check for holes under the edges.

My second part of the plan is my goats and my bull.

I drove 4 rebar fence posts into the ground and slipped steel O's over them. Tie the O to a piece of twine (of which we have plenty), and tie the twine to goat collars. Instant tie out!  At the end of the day, the goats go back to their pens and the rods get moved for tomorrow.  The bad part is the 'mowing' is inconsistent. The lawn is already too long, and I don't think random circles are going to do it.  I will probably have to mow anyway...sigh.

In the case of Cave Lion...
(Remember, the bull calf I bottle fed because his mom tried to kill me?)

I just let him out. He is so tame, I can walk up to him anywhere and lead him away.

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  1. Oh I envy your greenery!!

    I have very few weeds left that have color to them, one green patch where the laundry rinse water drains, and everything else is crispy yellow/brown/tan :-( Forecast shows no relief from the drought either....

    But, IF we had vegetation, I love your instant tie outs!!! :-) Now, if only the goats would cooperate and eat everything down even in nice, neat rows.....