Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Shaving Day!

Goat shaving day that is...

Usually the second week of May I shave all the goats. Their winter hair starts coming out in clumps and they just look a mess.

This is Hollyhock. She is an Oberhasli cross. She actually has the best looking fur coat right now of everyone. Not for long!
15 minutes and a little patience, wa-la!

Naked! Smooth and shiny!

This is D'ax. She is an American Saanen. She was much more cooperative than Hollyhock. D'ax has been down this road before and knows what to expect. She knows that once it's done, she'll feel a whole lot better, and not quite so itchy.

See? Much better, though she looks a little subdued. Maybe she is embarrassed at her own nudity.

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  1. LOL D'ax's expression in that last pic cracks me up!!