Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring has finally Sprung!

The strawberries are doing great! 
Here is what they looked like today. It rained yesterday, so they are happy and growing.

In the lower left, you can see chocolate mint. I planted it in a sunken bed originally, but alas, it has escaped and is slowly creeping about. That's fine. It generally doesn't hurt other things and it smells good when you step on it.

In the center of the photo, far right, is thyme. Thyme is a slow creeping ground cover that is used herbally in cooking and medicines.  It does best in rocky type areas. Three winters in Wisconsin and finally success!

This is one of our pear trees. It is some kind of oriental pear. The pears are small and sort of resemble lemons. It is always the first tree to flower.  Most of the other trees have colorful cracking buds, but this is the only one open so far.

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