Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where have I been?

I have to laugh, because we have been SO busy here on the farm, I almost forgot I had a blog. Between planting the garden, trips out of town, babies being born and outrageous weather, there sure is a lot to do!

The garden is in full swing, it is HOT HOT HOT! And life goes on. There is an increasing overshadow of doom coming from the radio, the tv stations and the feel of the general public. Government spending is out of control, the US is in the middle of a war no one wants, and the value of the dollar is declining rapidly. People are out of work, the political scene is crazy, and the price of land keeps on climbing. What's a person to do? Life isn't all happy-go-lucky, fulfill the American dream anymore. It's truly sad. Corporations are taking over, Wal-mart is saturated with shoddy Chinese made products, and the local food business is booming.

I will be changing the direction of this blog over the course of the next few weeks. I am going to start including articles and instructions on self sufficiency, safety, self protection and stories of whats really going on in this country. I will also keep on with info on the farm. I look forward to getting back to the blog and hope everyone else does too.
Happy heatwave!

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