Saturday, January 22, 2011

The after effects of a rabbit nest...

Well, Shotzie built herself a fine nest with all that hay she was carrying around.  Rabbits are pregnant for approximately a month.  I give each pregnant rabbit a wood box to give birth in 3-5 days before they are due.

Some does will carry hay around in their mouths for a week before the big day. They collect as much as they can in each mouthful and deposit it in the box. I usually put a piece of wood or cardboard in the bottom of the box and give them lots of hay.  Sometimes I put a layer of shavings beneath the hay for extra insulation.  Shotzie's big day was a success! Rabbits are born eyes and ears closed and totally naked. Rabbit fur is very warm. The doe pulls fur from her own body to cover her newborn babies.  That fur better be warm when it is 10 degrees outside!

Another interesting fact about rabbits, is most does only nurse their babies once a day. It is safe for me to take the nest box in the evening and bring it into the garage to keep the nest from getting chilled. I return it to the mother mid-morning, and when she is ready, she feeds them.

Shotzie's babies were born 3 days ago. She had 6 and they are doing fine. When you part the fur cocoon, this is what you see. Tiny, naked, sleeping popples!


  1. Oh my goodness! How sweet!
    You wrote such a good description too. I found your blog from the HT forums and I'm enjoying it here. :)
    Thanks for sharing your newest arrivals!

  2. Thanks! I will post more photos as they get a little older. Tan babies are so, so cute. Maybe I will have a naming contest.