Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's Special

This morning was the coldest morning of the year so far. Minus 10 at sunrise!  And wow, what a disaster we found upon awaking. Apparently the power went out around 11:30pm and didn't come on until 4am or so. Result?  Frozen cattle water. Ugg!  The line that runs to our cattle tank froze solid.  Chris wrapped hot towels around the faucet, afraid that it froze into the wall. He had to get at least the faucet itself thawed so he could shut it off and drain the line in the wall.

That was the first surprise.

The second, was Sad Lion had her calf around 11am this morning. It was bright, sunny and 10 degrees!
She did everything right and so far so good.

This is his first attempt to stand. We discovered he was having a problem because all her birth yuck froze into an ice slick.  So we drove her off and put some hay under him for traction.  Good thing there was no wind!

Isn't he cute? Solid grey.

                                                             She's a very good mother.

                                                                  He finally got up.
                                                                 Update tomorrow.

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