Monday, February 14, 2011

Where the Longhorns Lie...

Ahh, Texas Longhorns. These cattle were bred for open scrub range, nasty freezing wind and no shelter.
Ours seem to do ok. They are a lot bonier than other beef cattle, and they don't seem to grow longer hair. I just can't figure out how they manage.

But, upon sneaking up on them in the dark, I discovered them in a pile. From left to right we have Peony, Penny, and Noodles.  Our bull, Black Out has his face neatly tucked in between the shoulders of his wives to protect his face from the bitter cold. Top and center is Pale Face, a mixed breed steer with his eyes squeezed shut, even though he was awake.

On an unrelated note, an update on Sad Lion's calf. He is doing great! Our daughter named him King Lion, and King of the cattle jungle he is.  He leaves mom to wander among the big herd at will, and I have found him sleeping far from where he is supposed to be on more than one occasion, and he is only 4 days old. What a stinker!

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