Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring means babies!

Ah spring...freezing rain, mud and yuck, and lots of newborn babies! Yay!  This is Bandit, a mixed breed bull calf born about a week ago. His mother, No Face, is a little shy on milk, so we are supplementing what milk she is giving with a little extra.

This is what happens when Bandit sucks on your fingers after he's done drinking his extra. Yuk!

This is Stomp and her babies born yesterday. She is a half saanen, half oberhasli, out of excellent milking line. Her oh-so cute useless little boys are out of a pure saanen father. They should make excellent herd sires for someones milk line, as they should throw heavy milking daughters. They are about one hour old in this picture.


  1. I love babies! I had 4 usless baby goats this year and they were the prettiest boys.

  2. So cute! Except the slime, of course!