Saturday, April 2, 2011

Here in Wisconsin..Spring doesn't mean WARM weather!

If you live in the middle, zone 5, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and such, you should have tulips and crocuses, and other beautiful delights. In Wisconsin? hardly.

Just last week, we had a baby blizzard.  After hours of feeding and watering and shoveling, this is what you get in return. 

You KNOW its cold when you have to stand about and wait for the zippers on your coveralls to thaw enough to take them off.

The next day, beautiful, freezing and sunny!  What does that mean in Wisconsin? Danger from above!

When the sun shines bright,
Stay away from the buildings
You might lose your head

For days, we listen to the ice cascade down in thundering sheets.

The later it gets in the day, the sheets inch closer and closer to the edge, and when they go, they sound like a freight train.

Sometimes, they don't quite come off, and freeze that way over night, just to begin again the next day.

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  1. wow! We had some of that with the van after our ice storms! We pulled up to a red light, and there was a huge scraping metal noise, and the windshield went dark with a chunk the size of half the roof. I jumped out of my least I wasn't in danger of decapitation, lol!